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Customer Comments and References

You and your crew were simply awesome. You not only worked hard, but
followed through with everything you said, you handled everything
professionally and friendly, timely, and you took away any worries or
concerns we could have had. You were exceptionally clean as well, very
impressive. Moonju is hard to please, but you guys wow'd her. We both
were 100% comfortable with your company.

We enjoyed working with you and just meeting you. We liked you
immediately. Be sure to tell your crew thank you as well, very nice people.
You won our loyalty for any future painting and for any referrals.....

Thanks again, Tim
Hope you guys keep busy and make lots of money.

David and Moonju
Email: Cdjscan01@aol.com

Your work in painting our home and studio was top flight from start to
finish. I was impressed from the beginning by your consideration of my family
as your customer. You keep your appointments without fail and arrive at the
times scheduled. Your team of employees are courteous and hard working. I
was especially impressed with the quality and thoroughness of preparation work
(washing, scraping, caulking and priming) done by your team. It is the best
preparation and painting work I have ever seen done. Clean-up at the end of
each day's work was also outstanding. The house and studio look great! A
fantastic job at a very competitive price. Thank you for your professional
performance and high quality workmanship.

Neal from Edgewood, Washington. June 2003
Email: thomashart.d@attbi.com

All I can is we are so pleased with the job you performed on the exterior of our home.
We are very pleased, lots of compliments� By the way, your color simulator tool was
quite helpful for us to feel comfortable in choosing our new exterior colors

Thanks again�. And I have book marked your company for future use�.
Long, Gerald,

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with how well your paint
paint job has held up. Back in 2008, your team did the prep, painted the
house and replaced the trim after we removed aluminum siding revealing our
original siding from 1904. We sprung for Benjamin Moore paint but opted to
save money by spraying it on, which I was a bit nervous about. I just wanted
to let you know that it has held up beautifully and still looks new after five years!
Great job and thank you for your hard work and conscientious effort.
I hope you are doing well.
Angeline Lee. Working at Microsoft