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Interior painting for a residential home requires a lot of skill and techniques along with using proper tools and equipment. Spray woodwork's, two colors technique should be done by professional house painters to make it looks right. Brushing or rolling regular latex paint on woodwork's may damage value of the house. We are located in Bellevue and we do free estimate and consultation. Let use know today and we will send our professional house painters in Bellevue or Seattle to your home to take a quick look and provide you free estimate.

The smell of latex paint is not too bad. If you are going to paint only walls and ceiling, it would be perfectly fine for you to stay inside your home during or right after the work is done. Painting woodwork's is completely different story. It usually takes oil base and you could not imaging how bad is the smell of the oil paint. So if you decide to paint woodwork's, we suggest that you should stay away from your home during our work. The woodwork's include: baseboards, doors, cabinets, molding.

For those areas like bathrooms or kitchen, the finish of "Semi Gloss" will help the walls to prevent the steam water absorbing into the walls and easy to clean the grease from cooking. The look for Semi Gloss and Gloss are very shiny and very easy to clean.

Our service area: Interior house painting in Seattle, Interior house painting in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton.